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Our family

Our history

Rooted in Hinchinbrooke since 1940

The history of Vergers Frier begins with Harold and Muriel Frier, many years ago. At that time, the orchards had no more than forty apple trees. With the climate of the region being conducive to apple growing, the business has continued to grow. The family’s son, Donald Frier, and his wife Jill took over the reins before handing over to their successors, Brent Frier and Janick Tétreault-Moïse, accompanied by Serena Frier and her family. Today, the Vergers Frier land is home to more than 80,000 apple trees and thousands of taps to produce maple syrup.

It is not for nothing that the Frier family is recognized as one of the most renowned producers in the Upper St. Lawrence region!

See the orchard

Small apple becomes big cider!

The Cidrerie Rockburn was established in 2007, thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of the next generation. Brent Frier, a biochemical engineer, has developed artisanal products of unparalleled quality. These products are not available in the Sociétés des alcools du Québec (SAQ) and are sold exclusively at the cidery or online.

Produced in small quantities from apples grown on the family land, the different ciders have a unique touch that will delight many.