3rd generation apple producers

3rd generation apple producers, the Friers will show you their « savoir-faire » and give you a tour of their 45 acres of orchards with more than 75 000 apple trees in production.

The family’s presence in the kiosk, the orchard and the storage, guarantees that someone will gladly answer all your questions and make your visit informative and enjoyable.

Red, crisp and flavourful… pick your own apples… more than 14 varieties to please everyone’s taste.

Storage, more than 800 000 pounds of apples are stored from October until March, and a tour showing how fresh juice and cider are made.

Picnic area under the apple trees. Once you’ve had your fill, lie down under an apple tree and feel the pleasure of the countryside.



U-Pick schedule for apples and pears

* Date can change due to the season

VarietiesStart of pickingSpecialties
Paula redAugust 22Apple sauce, jelly and to eat
LoboSeptember 6Pies
MacIntoshSeptember 6Juice, apple sauce and to eat
Honey CrispSeptember 13To eat
SpartanSeptember 20To eat
GalaSeptember 20To eat
CortlandSeptember 27Salads, pies and to eat
EmpireOctober 4Salads and to eat
AmbrosiaOctober 4To eat
Red DeliciousOctober 11Salads and to eat
PearsOctober 15To eat

Bike-stop in the heart of Rockburn

Since 2017, the Frier Orchards provide a bike-stop service to its cyclist visitors with the orchard as the backdrop. The bike-stop is opened from May to November and includes:

  • Free parking and picnic area;
  • Restrooms and rest area;
  • Water and sports drinks refill;
  • Sports bars, muffins, fresh fruits, products of the orchard;
  • Ciders tasting, tour of the cider mill and apples u pick during high season;
  • Shop open from May to October;
  • Lunch can be served on-site – please book 48 hours in advance.

Contact us for more information on the bike-stop or to book your lunch.